If you're lucky, you recently got a sweet paycheck from the government in your mailbox — or you'll be getting one soon — thanks to filing your taxes. Whenever an unexpected check comes your way, there's always that inevitablequestion of what you should do with it. Should you do something responsible like pay off your credit card or put it in savings? Take a much deserved vacation or buy that new computer you've been eying?

Follow these steps and you'll soon be addicted to saving - seriously! Credit: Colourbox Twenty-eight percent of Americans put their tax refund into savings. Credit: Colourbox

As it turns out, the average American is a lot more responsible than you may think. According to a Bankrate.com poll, 84 percent of Americans will use that extra dough to pay off debt. Twenty-eight percent will put it in savings or invest it, 26 percent will use it to pay current bills and only 7 percent will spend it on a vacation.


The majority of those who owe the IRS money are responsible money-handlers as well. Forty-three percent pay what they owe right away and 17 percent will set up a payment plan. The other 40 percent can't afford to pay and are still trying to figure it out.

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