Spring is here and gas prices are going up faster than the flowers.

Every time drivers hit the gas station, a new phenomenon hits — pump panic. To help, here’s a money saving prescription that will improve fuel mileage and engine performance, soothing your painful experience at the gas pump.

Over the life of a car, poor fuel efficiency can lead to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in added expense. Properly maintaining the vehicle and watching your driving style are two of the best ways to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce long-term expenses.


Here are some tips to help maximize your car’s fuel performance:

>> Check tire pressure: Improperly inflated tires can greatly reduce fuel economy, so make sure tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. The correct tire pressure will also provide a safer ride and help reduce tire wear.

>> Let your engine breathe: Replacing a dirty, clogged air filter will go a long way in improving fuel efficiency. A car’s fuel mileage could improve by as much as 10 per cent with a clean air filter.

>> Keep the fuel system clean: Carbon and resin buildup in a car’s fuel system reduces fuel efficiency. Flush out the fuel system, including the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers with a specialized tank additive, such as a fuel system cleaner. Keeping the fuel system clean helps maximize the engine’s performance and extend the life of the engine.

>> Take it easy and slow down: Driving a car at a high speed, “jackrabbit starts” and aggressive driving in traffic can greatly reduce fuel efficiency. Every time you “hit the gas” you get closer to the next refill.

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