Running from work to screening to after-party requires a trendy, totally adaptable outfit.

The 9 to 5
Select a simple outfit that you can easily accessorize for quick location updates.
Top choices: A sheath dress in a gemstone hue (so hot this season), a feminine skirt, tailored trousers paired with an embellished top, or a sleek pantsuit.

The screening
These typically low-key affairs allow you to focus on practicality — and layering.
Start with a light camel-coloured cashmere cardigan -- no shivering in the theatre! Add a leather jacket overtop, in case you have to wait outside. Wrap an oversized scarf around your neck for a touch of glamour.

Slip on pointy-toed flats or low-heeled wedges, particularly if you’re wearing pants. If you can’t go without pumps or stilettos, choose a low heel — the lineups can be long.


And to tote your cosmetics and clothes for later events, grab an oversized slouchy hobo bag. Don’t forget to tuck your evening bag inside it.

The after-party
When choosing accessories for the after-party, be bold. Just don’t try to outshine the celebs — this is a chic cocktail party, not a competition.

Emphasize your legs, and rev up your outfit: Slide on a wicked pair of leopard-print heels (if your outfit is in a muted hue) or embellished party pumps (if you’re wearing a bright colour). Add gold accessories to up the glamour factor.

Tuck your cardi and jacket into your bag and rewrap your scarf as a shawl for warmth.
Boost the beauty drama with an extra sweep of blush and either a smoky eye or bold lips, but not both.

Finally, ditch your tote and carry a clutch that features complementary metal detailing.

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