Outdoor concerts are breeding grounds for fainting music lovers. The excitement, heat, crowd, hours of dancing – this can all be exhausting if you’re not prepared. If you’re the type to secure a great spot and stay there, here are some tips to help fend off faints.


1. Drink water. Often concert goers don’t drink enough water because a) they want to avoid the porta pottys, b) they are drinking too much beer. Make sure you have a couple bottles of water and take short sips frequently. Chugging a whole bottle won’t help much.


2. Conserve your energy by rationing your moshes and slam dances and jump-jumps for when you are most inspired; otherwise, sway peacefully or gently bop your head.


3. Wear layers of clothing so you can take some off if you’re too hot. Wear khakis instead of jeans, and cotton instead of polyester. Avoid tight collars or big padded pushup bra creations.


4. If you have longer hair keep it in a ponytail. This way your neck will keep cooler.

5. Don’t drink too much caffeine, and clearly don’t drink so much beer that you pass out from pure drunkenness.

6. If you’re getting claustrophobic, tilt your head so you’re facing straight up at the sky and try to take deep breaths of the fresh air. Staring at a horizon or something far away will make you feel less dizzy if you’re feeling ill from all the heads and arms flailing about one inch from your eyeball.

7. If you feel like you’re about to pass out, crouch down and put your head down. This could potentially result in another human landing on you and knocking you unconscious anyway, but if you feel it’s safe to do for 15 seconds it can make you feel a lot better.

8. Tighten all your muscles. Apparently this helps.

9. Eat stuff. Odds are you haven’t eaten properly all day because you’ve been, like, standing in a crowd for, like, nine hours. Keep some granola bars or other enjoyable food item in your pocket or bag and snack throughout the day. Salty foods are especially good at preventing fainting; caffeine is especially bad.

10. Have some scientist person transform you into a robot