Howie Beck
Album: How To Fall Down in Public
Label: 13 Clouds/Fontana North
Rating: ****

It’s been five long years since we’ve heard from one of Canada’s best kept musical secrets.

Hopefully, How To Fall Down In Public, Beck’s fourth solo effort, will give him the recognition he deserves in his own country. It’s filled with nine restrained, but exquisitely crafted compositions, running the gamut from the pop-rock to country-folk to piano lounge. There’s a little bit of The Beatles, Springsteen and maybe even Randy Newman thrown into the influence mix, but mostly, it’s all Beck with a couple of backing voices to help him out — Sarah Harmer and Leslie Feist. Melody is a hugely underappreciated commodity in the Canadian indie scene. Maybe people should start coming around to Howie Beck’s store. He’s got plenty.

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