Clients often tell me that they have a very hard time getting started on a new renovation or decorating project. But it’s not as difficult as it seems if you follow the process I used for my own bedroom renovation.

How to find inspiration?
The best way to find inspiration is by gathering photos of spaces you love from magazines, websites or visiting showrooms to see varying materials for texture, colour and styles.

How to start a decor project?
Create a simple plan of your expectations than start to review materials, timelines and a budget. Be organized and focus on one area at a time until it is completed. The layout of a space involves the correct placement of furniture and accessories and should take into account scale, flow and focal points. A room should have one or two focal points such as windows, accent walls or artwork.

How to decide on a colour scheme?
Paint creates big impact; the right colours will pull everything together and complement any style. Start looking for colour cues by reviewing decor items you love and get direction from an area rug or fabric, noting the three main colours used.

How do I decide on flooring?
The floor area sets the tone and feel, and is the second largest space next to the walls. Research the right product for your lifestyle. The key to longevity is to take into consideration quality, the look you want and installation. The flooring used in my bedroom renovation, for instance, is Torlys Cork Plank, Vintage Block Chai. It was actually the inspiration for this space because I fell in love with the comfort, warmth and the many environmental benefits of the floor. Visit for more information.

How do I get help?
Get three quotes from contractors and suppliers confirmed in writing with specific timelines and costs by project so there are no surprises, which also allows you to get unique ideas. Trust your instincts and make sure you are working with someone that shares your vision.


Jackie Morra is a certified Interior Decorator and owner of Home Decor Solutions in Toronto.