Are you tired of leaving your $10 eyebrow spot only to get home and realize the left brow is way higher than the right? Now you have to wait a whole month for the hair to grow back before you can stop looking permanently perplexed. To avoid this and other horror stories involving eyebrows (we’re looking at you, over-pluckers) we asked brow expert Heidi Evora-Santiago ( —who has sculpted the brows of celebs such as Eva Longoria and Katherine Heigl — for tips to perfect brows.

Get up on the trends
“We’re seeing a lot of thicker and fuller brows; nothing that has too much of a high arch,” says Evora-Santiago.

Find your arch
“Always follow your natural brow shape,” says Evora-Santiago. “The most important step is finding your arch.” She says: Looking straight ahead, place your index finger (pointing up) in front of your pupil. Then move it a finger-width away from your nose; that’s where your arch’s peak should be. Then you can follow your natural shape and pluck along under it. Your brows should sit close above your brow bone.

Be in control
“First and foremost, look at your threader or waxer’s brows,” says Evora-Santiago. “Usually you can tell what they think looks good by what they do to themselves.” She recommends having them draw on the shape with powder or an eye pencil before they start.

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