In today’s competitive job market, a little career savvy goes a long way.

To help you stay on top of your game, we talked to veteran career specialist and corporate trainer Colleen Clarke. She’s also author of the new e-book, How to Get a Job and Keep It ($15;, a compilation of articles written by the former Metro career columnist. Here are her top tips for getting and keeping the job.

• Be ready mentally and physically. “You need to have a feeling of confidence and hope, and look like the pro you are,” says Clarke.
• Have an impeccable resumé, and create an organized system for tracking cover letters, phone calls, follow-ups and contacts.
• Set daily goals. Maintain a work-life balance with a five-hour daily job search.
• Network. That means more than just e-meet ’n’ greets. Get out there and volunteer, too.


Keeping your job

  • Watch and observe what happens in your company for the first six weeks after you’re hired. Find out about people previously in your position.

  • Give more than you get. “Come in 10 minutes early and offer to help your colleagues,” says Clarke.

  • Find a mentor who can answer your questions and act as an orientation guru.

  • Practise good communication. That involves listening, working well with others, and building trust.

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