Nervous about that job interview? It’s natural. You don’t want to come off looking like Spud from the movie Trainspotting. Here are a few tips to make a good first impression from

>> Be on time: No excuses. Most employers will conclude that if you’re late to an interview, you’ll be late for work. Plan ahead to get there on time.

>> Have a good handshake: Psychologists suggest there’s a link between handshakes and personalities. Have a firm, steady grip instead of a cold, clammy handshake; it suggests you’re confident and enthusiastic instead of nebbish and nervous.

>> Maintain eye contact: Stay with your interviewer, and take the time to address each person individually if you’re being interviewed by more than one person. Don’t fidget, play with your hair or giggle nervously.

>> Inspire confidence: Bring up specific examples of when you’ve done something well in the past. Be detailed and concise. Your potential employer will be looking for confidence and competence.

>> Turn off your gadgets: You won’t get the job if you answer, or even peek at, your cellphone or BlackBerry. It shows a fundamental lack of respect, and a clear signal that you can’t focus on an immediate task.

>> Leave a lasting impression: Even if you don’t get the job, send a note via
e-mail or snail mail thanking them for their time. Who knows? They might be a useful contact in the future.

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