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Because uncooked seafood in lime juice seems like theperfect thing to buy from a stranger on Facebook.

If your candidate doesn’t win tomorrow, are you ready to sign up for a timeshare in Canada? Fleeing the country isn’t as easy as you might think. This is what you need to know.

Some people are playing “trade-sies” with their votes by swapping votes with constituents in other states.

Will weed be legal in Massachusetts? Will California’s Prop 60 pass requiring porn actors to wear visible protection? The biggest election question is:


Trump is billed as the underdog, butwhat are his chancesof actually taking the White House?

Don’t carry “happy crack” (Kool-Aid and sugar) to school, kids. It could get you suspended or expelled.

The Justice Department is taking voter intimidation seriously.More than 500 staffers will be sent outto polling places to combat voter fraud.

When will Adrian Peterson and Dion Lewisbe on your fantasy football team?

Jury selection in thedeath-penalty case of Dylann Roof, a white man who shot up a black church in South Carolina killing nine, has been suspended.

Divorced, remarried but child-less but with apparently spotlight-stealing nipples,Jennifer Aniston’s level of Efs to give is at about zero, so keep her name out of your mouth. Please.

Taylor Swift has seriously dated everyone, even Chris Griffin from “Family Guy.”

Where is Samuel L. Jackson? There wasa real life mother f---ing snake on a mother f---ing plane!

TheVatican warned Chinese Catholicsnot to take things into their own hands if the Communist party attempts to ordain unofficial bishops.

Happy “You’re a New Dad Day”to Russell Brand.

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