You were psyched when you first bought your camel coat. Then you started seeing it on one woman after another (and another and another) on the street. You’d choose not to wear it, but you’ve already spent money on the thing.

Now what do you do?

For one, embrace the challenge to flex the part of your personal style that makes you an individual.


The woman pictured here did this through fresh details: polka dots peeking out from under a basic black sweater and a sheer skirt that contrasts the coat’s heavy wool. For a final touch, she added some snazzy eyeliner.

More ways to personalize your camel coat

  • New buttons: Swap out the coat’s original buttons for something that reveals a little bit more personality such as a vintage-looking style with a metal crest or an oversized resin flower.

  • Experiment with add-ons: Have fun with add-ons by tying an embellished belt or velvet sash around the waistline. It will make your coat look more unique and help trap in heat on chilly days.

  • Change the lining: Pick out a boldly printed fabric. Take it to your nearest tailor (your neighbourhood dry cleaner should have one) and have the old lining replaced. Show it off by rolling up your coat sleeves or wearing your coat casually unbuttoned.