Renting out? Typically, a landlord’s worst nightmare is either a property they can’t rent, or a bad tenant. The bad news is that either of these scenarios can and does happen. The good news is that a prudent landlord can prevent either scenario from happening.

First: Present your unit at its visual best, whether it be occupied by a tenant or vacant, according to Ryan Schwerdtner, managing director of, a leader in online apartments for rent classifieds. Landlords mistakenly show a unit just the way it is — leaving its appeal up to the imagination of the prospective tenant.

Cleaning up the property before presenting it allows renters to see both the space and the possibilities of what they are renting. That can also be facilitated with professionally-taken photos, which does for free, and with handouts given at a showing.

Second: People live in neighbourhoods and communities. Highlight the unit as well as the area and street. Highlight the neighbourhood’s amenities, including schools, places of worship, recreational areas, shopping and eateries — these are all important factors in a prospective tenant's mind, and are often the difference between signing on a tenant and losing them.

Also stay current with market demand for the type of unit you’re renting and price it fairly.

Finally: Find the best tenant who not only likes your property, but also has a demonstrated history of being the type of tenant you want. Check their credit. Check their references and check their renting history, which always gives a good indication of the future demeanour of your tenant

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