Jason Phan, 17, may be one of the youngest carnies at the Canadian National Exhibition, but he’s running one of its oldest games, Mr. Frog.

It sits in the same location every year, near the front gates, and still has a waterproof cash register that, operators say, has been there from the beginning.

The object is simple: whack a board hard enough, and it triggers a spring and projects a rubber frog.
Get the frog in the lily-pad and you win a prize.

What’s the best strategy for getting the frog in?

Most people’s mentality is to hit it really hard.

One person hit it so hard, the frog hit the roof (of the game) and fell in.

How old is this game and how many people play in a day?

Thirty years old. It’s one of the oldest games on the midway. And one of the cheapest.

How many people play in a day?

Around 500 to 1,000 people.

A lot of people love this game.

We have 100 to 200 winners a day.

It’s usually children — the adults encourage them, then the adults get a turn.

Is this your first summer job?

Yes. You get to meet new people, meet new co-workers.

It’s great.

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