Shannon, 25, and Andy, 38
Together since: 2009

Their story

Andy and I (Shannon) met when I started a new job at a medical office — he was the Purolator guy.


One day, Andy came into the office with a package I was expecting — I had ordered something from a motorcycle shop. Being a rider himself, he recognized the name of the store and was very curious about the contents. Having discovered our joint passion for motorcycles, our conversations became more frequent.


Andy would even stop into the office empty–handed just for a quick chat. About two years later, we had our first date — on a motorcycle, of course! We went for a beautiful summer ride and rode by the waterfront in Port Perry, Ont.


It was there — 36 minutes into our first date —that I knew he was “the one.” I asked him to marry me. He said yes and kept me waiting (im)patiently for him to surprise me with a proper proposal.


Andy finally proposed in January 2010, at the same place in Port Perry where I had asked him to marry me.

After some drama, a bit of stress and a wedding venue cancellation, we finally tied the knot in September 2010 in Toronto.

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