Matthew, 25, and Janine, 30
Together since: 2008

“I (Janine) was at a nightclub in Toronto with a guy friend, dancing and having fun. I was intrigued by a group of about 30 guys in the corner of the club who were all decked out in three-piece suits.

"I decided to go and ask why they were all dressed up. The first guy I approached was a handsome man named Matthew. He explained they were there for a friend's bachelor party. We chatted a few moments and I told him to come find me on the dance floor. A little while later, Matthew came over to dance with me. My guy friend immediately shot him the evil eye. Matthew asked if he was my boyfriend, and I told him he was just a protective friend. My friend ended up getting super jealous and tried to pull Matthew and I apart. I wasn't ready to leave, so I turned to Matthew and asked if it would be okay if I hung out with him at the club. He said yes and we have been together since that night!"

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