Jamie, 25 and Robert, 26
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Together since: 2002

It was a winter in Montreal and my brother and I (Jamie) wanted to test out a snow hill near our home. When this guy (Robert) came by, my brother thought it would be funny to toss an iceball at him. Robert got mad and was about to beat up my brother. I intervened and cooled things down. We went our separate ways, but it turned out that Robert and I lived directly across the street from one another. Every now and again I saw him waiting at the bus stop and said hi. College came around and we ended up going to the same school. He recognized me in the hall one day as (and I quote) "that crazy girl who says hi to me all the time" and he finally said "hi" back. We started taking the bus home together, and soon started dating. We married in 2008, have lived in Nova Scotia for three years, and we couldn't be happier.


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