Jason & Stephanie
Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia
Together Since: 2003

"It was 2003 and I (Stephanie) just arrived home for the holidays from my first semester at university. My best friend, Jill, called me to come out with her to a party. She introduced me to some of her new college friends, including a guy named Jason. I was immediately attracted to him, but I was told he had a crush on Jill.

When she informed me that she was not interested, I made my move and initiated conversation with him. A week later, we had our first date: Chinese food and a movie. A month later, we were an official couple. Six years later, we bought our first home. On Christmas morning of 2009, Jason proposed to me. A year later, in November 2010, we were married. I am very thankful to my best friend for helping me find my soul mate."

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