Kevin, 32, and Eileen, 30
Together since:?2004


Their story


I (Eileen) first saw Kevin while I was doing my undergrad at the University of Western Ontario. He would wait outside my economics class for an 'accidenta'l run-in, but it never ended up happening. Then he found out that I was roommates with one of his friends from high school. He asked her if I was single — I was not. And then he discovered we were all going on vacation to Mexico for spring break. He tried to get invited — he was denied. He kinda became my friendly, neighbourhood stalker. We officially met in my third year of university (his fourth) at a party thrown by a mutual friend. I loved his sense of humour and I thought he was absolutely gorgeous, but I was dating someone else at the time. The timing was just off.


Fast-forward three years to a friend's birthday party at a bar in Toronto. I spotted Kevin and he looked familiar to me, but I just couldn't place him. He knew a lot about me and I was embarrassed that I couldn't remember meeting him. He was charming and sweet and we (finally!) hit it off instantly. We were also both single and we began dating. Two years later, we got engaged and then married the following year.

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