Names:?Michael 33 and Candice 26
Together since:?2008

“I (Candice) worked as a manager for a poker company, and Michael was one of the owners of a venue that we rented ...

When I went to set up for a tournament, Michael was at the venue and he helped me unload some equipment.

I didn't see him again until months later, when we had rented his venue for another poker tournament. This time he had a friend with him and they both helped me unload the truck and set-up for the tournament.

I was blown away and thought that it was super nice of them. We had a few drinks and chatted afterward. I thought Michael was very handsome, but I actually ignored him a little because I assumed he was "a player" based on his good looks.

When I got home that night, I received a text message from Michael asking if it would it be inappropriate to ask me out sometime, since we somewhat worked together.

I replied that if he had the guts to ask me out when he was sober, I would think about it.

He called me first thing in the morning to apologize for his late-night text and he did ask me out again – sober! Many dates and two years later, we're still together and I'm glad I didn't judge this book by his cover!”

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