Rachel, 26, and Jason, 24
Together since 2006


Jason and I met at the Home Depot where we both worked at the time. One day, while I was working cash in the garden centre, he came over and started flirting. I thought he was so cute, but he was known as a huge flirt so I didn’t take him too seriously.


A few weeks later, Jason started slipping me notes as he walked past my cash on his way to his department in the store. Those notes soon turned into emails, which turned into our first date — during which he was called upon to defend my honour, save me from a baby skunk, and wake my mom up at 3 a.m. (I forgot my keys!).
Even with all that drama, he stuck around!


We’re now engaged, living together and planning our 2012 wedding. And Jason’s not just a great fiancé — he’s also an amazing co-parent to my seven-year-old son.


We’re both so lucky to have found Jason!

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