Names:?Malisa, 25, and Tommy, 27


Together since:?2005

Their story:


Tommy and I (Malisa) first met at a restaurant near our schools in 1998; I was 13 and he was 15. We both happened to order the same lunch at the same time.


We laughed it off and started chatting. There were some sparks at the time, and we dated for a bit, but we both agreed we were too young for anything serious, so we drifted apart.


Seven years later, in March 2005, we went out for a casual dinner and those sparks started flying again! We moved in together just a few weeks later, and have been inseparable ever since.


Tommy came back into my life at the perfect time, as my mother passed away to cancer shortly thereafter in July of that year. It was definitely a difficult time for me. We both realized how much we’ve been through together, and we could not imagine our lives without each other.

In 2008, Tommy proposed with my mother’s engagement ring, which she’d given him before her passing. We’re happier than ever and are so excited about our wedding in summer 2012!