The inquiry into Howard Hyde's death continues today with police officers testifying about the surveillance footage shown late Friday of a topless Hyde struggling with Halifax Regional Police, screaming he is sorry and being repeatedly Tasered.

Hyde died in custody 30 hours later.

The footage starts with Hyde being brought to the police station after being arrested for assaulting his common-law wife Nov. 21, 2007.


Though Hyde was schizophrenic and off his medication, he seems calm and controlled at first.

“I’m a nice man. I did not assault my wife,” he tells police in the video.

“I upset her and that disturbs me I must say.”

But Hyde’s condition seems to deteriorate shortly after. Naked but for a pair of shorts, he is placed in a holding cell and paces back and forth for 15 minutes.

He’s then taken to a booking area where officers tried to cut the string from his shorts using a device with a serrated blade. Police officers referred to it only as “a tool” but inquiry council Dan MacRury referred to it as a knife.

Hyde’s exact reaction was not caught on tape, but he seemed to react violently. Police video shows him and several officers crashing to the floor near a desk. The officers struggle to hold Hyde down but he fights his way to his feet.

One officer repeatedly Tasers Hyde, who yelps and screams “What are you doing?” before repeating “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Hyde then leaps over the desk and flees the area. Footage shows police finally taking him down in a hallway. Hyde falls out of sight until paramedics arrive to take him to hospital in a stretcher.

“Audio and visually, it’s very disturbing,” said Hyde’s sister, Joanna Blair, who was sitting in court as the video played.

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