Hey Victoria and Regina: It’s so on.

Mayor Peter Kelly threw HRM’s hat into the ring for a competition to raise the most food donations in a 48-hour period.

Last year it was a battle between Victoria and Regina, with the latter victorious for collecting 163,000 kilograms of food. The loser, the mayor of Victoria, had to shovel his counterpart’s driveway.

“Feed Nova Scotia and the HRM believe we can beat that hands down, so we decided to jump into the ring and challenge both these cities to a coast-to-coast food fight,” Kelly said.

Kelly and Feed Nova Scotia’s Dianne Swinemar are urging residents to start gathering food donations then take them to Exhibition Park (or other drop zones to be announced).

From 6 p.m. on Oct. 14 to the same time on Oct. 16th the food will be weighed.

And if the HRM wins?

“The other mayors will wear our t-shirts when they lose, and wear our hats and pins, as well as wave our flag from their city halls,” Kelly said.

He’s also challenging the other mayors to plant a garden at their city halls and donate the food to their food banks.

Swinemar said if they reach their goal of 200,000 kg it would feed 18,000 people for a week.

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