Residents in HRM are throwing their recyclables to the curb, only to find them later replaced by garbage.

Now they want to know who’s in charge of dealing with it.

Several residents have complained that garbage collectors won’t pick up the trash left behind by those who steal their recycling, said North End Halifax Coun. Jerry Blumenthal.


Blumenthal said he’s been told the city is responsible once the bags hit the curb. But he said some residents were told it’s their responsibility.

This Tuesday, he wants council to solve the issue once and for all.

“I want a definitive statement. I want something that helps the residents and doesn’t just help the people that are doing it,” said Blumenthal.

Blumenthal said people will drive around in cars to collect recycling bags, then replace the bags with garbage. He said if trash collectors won’t pick it up, then city staff should.

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