The Vancouver Humane Society wants people to boycott the rodeo at the Calgary Stampede.

The VHS is planning to distribute information about animal abuse at the Stampede to tour operators and travel writers.

“We would like to see the rodeo phased out entirely,” said Peter Fricker, a spokesperson for the VHS.

“We realize the Calgary Stampede rodeo is an iconic event, but we think people will find it unacceptable that in the 21st century we’re still coercing animals to perform for entertainment purposes.”

Fricker would like to see the calf-roping event banned first, as he feels it is the least humane event.

Doug Fraser, a Stampede spokesperson, said the rodeo works hand-in-hand with the Calgary Humane Society to ensure fair treatment of animals.

“Calf roping is actually one of our events that has a direct link to what happens on the average ranch,” he said. “We care about the animals here at the Calgary Stampede. They are our stars, and we treat them like our stars.”

Group takes note
A U.K.-based travel group plans to create a web page describing animal welfare concerns at the Stampede due to information they have received from the VHS.