More than two months after the Toronto Humane Society’s River Street shelter was closed, the facility reopened yesterday under a new board of directors.

The shelter was closed April 12 after the settlement of an Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals lawsuit. Former THS president Tim Trow and five senior managers were previously arrested on animal cruelty charges.

“Starting today, we leave behind the turbulent times of the past and move forward with the new and passionate Toronto Humane Society that will be transparent in how we do business,” said president Michael Downey. He made a plea to animal lovers for financial support, citing a 55 per cent reduction in donations this year.

THS spokesman Ian McConachie said the society now houses fewer animals per room. A new policy calls for all animals to be spayed or neutered before they are taken home.

Another new initiative is the Hill’s Science Diet Shelter Nutrition Partnership which provides free food the centre’s animals. The centre has also added software displaying the adoption status of animals on its website. torstar news service