Humber College will be offering three new bachelors degree programs in September 2011: Accounting, child and youth care, and public relations.

“These programs fit with Humber’s existing areas of faculty strength,” says Dr. Michael Hatton, Humber’s vice-president academic.

“We know there’s high student demand for these programs, and we know the job prospects are good.”


The school currently has two- and three-year diploma programs in accounting, but the degree program will allow students “to start immediately on a degree without going to a diploma first,” Hatton says.

Humber also has an existing diploma in child and youth care, but “the degree will provide a faster opportunity for students to move into management positions within that field,” he says.

As for public relations, “we have what I believe is the best known diploma program in Canada,” says Hatton.

“Our graduates can be found in large, medium and small firms across and outside the country. That gives today’s grads a leg up in terms of making connections.”

The degree will allow students to immediately pursue their studies at a career level — or, as Hatton puts it, “they don’t have to go and do a degree in Winnipeg and then come back and do our postgraduate program.”

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