Red Bull Beer’s new look is all thanks to Humber College graduate Roger Tsang’s winning design.

The raging bull logo was created by Tsang as part of a competition set up by Sleeman Breweries last fall, which tasked students in their final year of Humber’s Package and Graphic Design program to create a new, fresh logo for their Red Bull Beer brand.

Tsang says beyond the satisfaction of having his design printed on beer bottles for years to come, winning the contest helped him score his current job at Rayment & Collins, a supplier for Sleeman.


“It’s a good feeling to have my design chosen. This contest helped enhance my portfolio and credentials,” Tsang said.

Tsang used a simple, striking design with a cartoon-styled look for the beer’s trademark bull.

“I’m always the type to get inspired by creativity and I wanted to keep the design fun with some humour in it. I kept the design simple and fresh-looking,” Tsang said.

Keith Gillespie, national marketing director for Sleeman, said picking a winning design was much harder than expected, but Tsang’s creation really stood out with its eye-catching look and feel.

“It was an intense competition, but Tsang’s design best demonstrated Red Bull’s core brand elements of masculinity, intensity and energy in an interesting and compelling way. His choice of colours will provide on-shelf impact,” Gillespie said.

Humber College associate dean Toby Fletcher says the contest was a great way for students to get real client experience in a challenging industry starved for talent.

“Packaging has tremendous regulations, so it does require very creative minds. We have more employers seeking these graduates than I have graduating,” Fletcher said.

Tsang gives credit to the other designs created by his classmates, though he is proud of what he achieved.

“The other nominees weren’t that far off in design and feel. Sleeman told me the bull chewing on the wheat really sold (my design). It’s nothing overly dressed up and fancy — it says, ‘Hey, give me a shot, try me,’ and it jumps out at you,” Tsang said.

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