Hundreds of students were missing from class at Cobequid Educational Centre in Truro yesterday, a day after alleged death threats or violence were posted on Facebook.

“A lot of people aren’t here today because of the threat,” Grade 11 student Justin Crawford said outside the school.

Police said the alleged threat was posted on an individual’s page on the popular social networking site and became part of a Truro police investigation when they were notified about the threat at 3 p.m. on Sunday.

They arrested a 21-year-old Truro man at his Willow Street apartment six hours later. Police confirmed no firearms were seized during the arrest.

“Everybody is kind of freaked out about it,” Grade 10 student Rhiannon Cullip said. “They think it’s stupid that nobody really came to school today.”

James David Weatherbee, 21, is charged with knowingly conveying death threats to students, staff and faculty at the Cobequid Educational Centre. He is also charged with being at large on a previous court undertaking.