Krystin Monaghan, 19, from Regina, waits in a holding area for her turn to perform during auditions for Canadian Idol at Metrotown yesterday.


The hopeful came out in droves this weekend for the Canadian Idol auditions held at Metrotown.

"I deserve to win because I’m like a whole new level of aweseomeness," said Rikk Brown, 23, of Delta, who chose to sing Bet On It by Zac Efron.

About 750 people turned out on Saturday and the crowd looked just as big on Sunday.

"I’m here to prove that William Hung does not represent Asian North American singers," said Daniel Chai, 23, of Surrey, who went with I’ve Just Seen A Face by the Beatles.

Last year, two of the top 10 finalists were from B.C.: Carly Rae Jepsen from Mission and Greg Neufeld from Abbotsford.

Ben Mulroney will be reprising his hosting duties for the sixth season.

"It’s pretty much the best job that anybody could hope for," he said.

Mulroney added that he is impressed with not only the contestants, but also the quality of the production.

"I would contend that if the American Idol producers were given our budget … they would sit there and pull their hair out trying to figure out how exactly we get this show off the ground," he said.