“Continental people have sex lives; the English have hot-water bottles.” — George Mikes, Hungarian-born British author


If I had my way, all men would have the sexual arsenal of Hungarians but take after the Brits when it comes to foreplay. That is, if an international survey for Men’s Health magazine — of 40,000 men in 42 countries — holds true.


Hungarians, according to the survey, like to mix it up with an average of just over eight positions in the bedroom — the world average is three — and British men devote a full 17.44 minutes to foreplay, whereas the rest of the world is 1.66 minutes behind.


But before you go switching to London time, consider this. While British men may devote the most time in the lead up to sex, they lose some of their stamina from foreplay to climax, lasting only 18.64 minutes, far behind the Mexicans (23.17 minutes) and the Dutch (22.42 minutes).


For Korean men, practice is their claim to sexual fame, with the average Korean man asserting to have sex 4.5 times per week — the world average is 2.8 times.

Yet even the most well practiced of men don’t seem to be very inventive when it comes to sex. Missionary is still the go-to move for almost half of men worldwide. Kind of makes you want to move to Hungary, doesn’t it?

If you’re looking for a man who will stay faithful, perhaps it’s worth a trip to Poland, where 63 per cent of men say they have never strayed, followed closely by the Germans and the Australians.

Brazilian men have the most number of partners, with an average of 11 in a lifetime. On the other hand, Filipinos seem to prefer one partner — themselves. The average Filipino man masturbates five times per week, whereas the world average is four.

Where did Canada measure up in the global study of sexual habits? Somewhat like this year’s World Cup, we, unfortunately, didn’t make any significant headway. But living in such a multicultural country, collectively we get the best and worst of all nations.