Brampton doctor allegedly performed illegal transplants

Amit Kumar.


The Brampton doctor being hunted internationally because of his alleged involvement in selling kidneys harvested from unsuspecting people is a one-time actor in C-grade Bollywood films and a "very Casanova type of character" with as many as six aliases, police and journalists in his native India say.

Dr. Amit Kumar, dubbed "Dr. Horror" by the Indian media, is wanted there for performing some 500 illegal transplants over the past eight or nine years, with kidneys that were in some case removed from people held at gunpoint and sold to wealthy clients, some from overseas.

The hunt spread to a quiet neighbourhood in Brampton after it was discovered he had bought a home there last year. A woman believed to be his wife and two young children live there now, neighbours said.

Kumar, who Indian police say is not a surgeon, was last seen in Brampton before Christmas driving a leased $65,000 Lexus 350 SUV. While some found him "standoffish," others said he seemed to be up front and candid.

Kumar told a Brampton neighbour he was going back to India to wind down his businesses, which he said included a hotel, a hospital and several clinics.

He planned to open a hotel in Canada upon his return and was going to live and work here permanently.

Those plans were cut short on Jan. 24, when Indian police, acting on complaints from victims, raided a clinic in a well-to-do area of Gurgaon, near New Delhi, arresting a doctor, several nurses and drivers. But Kumar managed to escape, leading some media outlets in India to claim he was tipped off about the raids.

No one was answering the door at Kumar’s home in Brampton Saturday, but children could be seen peeking through the closed blinds. A glass security door installed on Thursday was locked and a taped phone message said service "is temporarily disconnected."

network raided

  • On Jan. 24, police in Gurgaon made several arrests to close down Kumar’s transplant network that apparently involved four doctors, five nurses, 20 para- medics, three private hospitals, 10 pathology clinics and five diagnostic centres.

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