Hurricane Earl roared through MacDonald Street in west-end Halifax on Saturday morning, leaving live power lines sizzling nearby and mighty trees broken.

Earl caused tree damage throughout HRM on Saturday morning, but hit some areas harder (south and west ends of Halifax) than others. Residents were still picking up branches and tree limbs yesterday.

“The wind blew straight up our street,” said Tim Lee, a resident on MacDonald Street.

He added hurricane Earl continued the damaging work on Flynn Park hurricane Juan started in 2003.

“The wind was pushing down and it was the twisting of the branches that did most of the damage,” he said.

A power line on nearby Churchill Drive fell, but police and power crews arrived quickly to fix it.

“They were absolutely fantastic and I can’t believe how fast they were to come around here,” Lee said. “They were out in the hurricane to clear (the broken branches) off.”

Power to the neighbourhood was restored Sunday night.

Coun. Sue Uteck said Nova Scotia Power crews told her damage was heaviest in the south end. But Uteck said she was surprised how well Point Pleasant Park fared through Earl.

“There were fewer trees down than we expected,” she said, adding most of the damage was just broken branches.­

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