Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter called the 2004 U.S. murder conviction of two West Vancouver men a "miscarriage of justice and deserving of a retrial," the sister of one of the men said yesterday.

Carter, whose triple-murder conviction was overturned in 1985, was in Seattle yesterday condemning the RCMP’s so-called "Mr. Big" operations, obtained when officers pose as high-level criminals — or as Mr. Big — to coerce confessions.


One such confession led to the conviction of Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay for the 1994 beating death of Rafay’s family in Bellevue, Wash.

"It feels really good to have the Hurricane on my family’s side," said Tiffany Burns, Sebastian’s sister and director of a documentary on Mr. Big-style confessions.

Carter, she said, called Canada a breeding ground for "false confessions and wrongful convictions."

Burns, who believes her brother innocent, said the confession was admitted as evidence even though such practices are considered entrapment in the U.S.

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