One of her fondest memories of her son was when he bicycled from the Atlantic Ocean to Calgary to raise funds for the deaf and hard of hearing in the early ’90s.

Now she has another fond memory for the record books.

Connie Lapointe is bursting with pride over son Paul and his wife, Katie, both medics with EMS and STARS respectively, who chose to join a six-person volunteer team to Haiti next week.

“The trek before meant so much to me as I am hard of hearing. And now he is giving up a week of his holidays to help the earthquake victims in Haiti,” she said. “He truly is a wonderful son.”

Paul said he and Katie felt it is a great opportunity to travel to Haiti to assist.

“We have travelled a lot together but now we’re able to hopefully make a difference,” Paul said.

The team will spend half their time doling out medicine and providing medical assistance, and the other half will be spent rebuilding. Katie says she is excited for the trip and really wants to make a difference.

“Going with Paul makes it even more special.”

The team is funding their trip to Haiti on May 14 with assistance from Westjet and Samaritan’s Purse.

“The entire city has been great, everyone is so willing to help out,” Paul added.

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