The Saint Mary’s Huskies’ appeal of a suspension to running back Devon Jones was successful, but he still won’t be on the field for Saturday’s Loney Bowl at Huskies Stadium.

Jones, who initially received a three-game ban from Atlantic University Sport for a “deliberate attempt to injure” a player with the St. Francis Xavier X-Men on Oct. 23, had his suspension reduced to two games on Tuesday.

Since the conference’s leading rusher already served one game of the ban on Oct. 30 against Acadia, he will be eligible to return after the Loney Bowl, if the Huskies advance.

The Huskies host the X-Men at 1 p.m.

Jones, who rushed for 490 yards and six touchdowns, got another piece of good news yesterday as he was named to the AUS all-star team along with backfield partner Craig Leger. Offensive lineman Derek Weber and Adam Baboulas also cracked the team, as did defensive back Mark Holden, cornerback Quinton Meaders, linebacker Ryan King, defensive tackle Devon Hicks and punter/place kicker Justin Palardy.

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