Weather Channel's ominous Heat Wave graphic.


The Heat Wave is in full effect and the worst humidity is forecast for the I-95 corridor: That's you Boston, New York and Philly.

Depending on whether you are at the ocean or inland, temperatures on Wednesday will range from 85 to 95 degrees,

Because of the high humidity and relatively light winds, lots of us are going to be baking in RealFeel temps of 100 degrees or more, say Accuweather forecasters.

Boston may actually -- technically -- not be in a bonafide heat wave. Highs of 89 are predicted for today and Thursday, Weather Channel says. A heat wave is officially -- technically -- declared with sustained temps of 90 or above.


But in Philly and New York: Fuggedaboutit!

Temps, according to the network:

NYC: 94 today -- and 90/91 through Sunday.

PHILADELPHIA: 94 today and between 91 and 95 through Sunday. An excessive heat warning is in effect through 6 p.m. Thursday.

But -- and it cannot be emphasized enough: It's NOT the heat. It's the humidity.

In Boston, NYC, and Philly, humidity was between 59 percent and 65 percent this mornng. It's predicted to be less sticky as the day goes on, but still oppressive.

So, as we here at Metro like to remind our faithful: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

John A. Oswald is editor-at-large at Metro and can be found on Twitter@nyc_oz.
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