A tip from the power company lead to the discovery of a secret room full of drugs.

Hydro One believed the occupant of a home in Constance Bay was stealing electricity. These cases are often linked to marijuana grow operations and so Ottawa Police were notified.

The home at 4405 Tranquility Lane was searched in early March and officers found dried marijuana as well as syringes containing material used to grow magic mushrooms.

While a team of officers was in the basement, they found a closet containing a shelving unit. A closer look revealed a secret door connected to a set of magnets.

Once opened, officers found three rooms, each containing clandestine laboratories. More than 1,150 marijuana plants were seized from the rooms. The total street value for all the drugs in the home is about $1.2 million.

A 49-year-old man is charged with production of marijuana, production of psilocybin, possession for the purpose of trafficking in marijuana and psilocybin and breaching probation.