The majority of drivers may not be prepared to give up their cars and SUVs, but the desire to have cleaner air is unanimous — enter hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

As fuel cell manufacturers work on developing viable alternatives to power vehicles, B.C. and Western U.S. states are working on a Hydrogen Highway extending all the way to the Golden State.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Premier Gordon Campbell have been pushing to have more than 200 hydrogen stations built within five years. The filling stations will run from Vancouver to Baja, Calif., with stops along Washington and Oregon.

The Hydrogen Highway will allow the public to see and experience hydrogen and fuel cell technology in action. Benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell include zero to near-zero emissions because only water vapour is dispersed. Consumer fuel cell vehicles are set to be available between 2012 and 2015.

The B.C. Hydrogen Highway is currently being built and consists of seven stations that include Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler. Completion of the B.C. Hydrogen Highway is set for the 2010 Winter Olympics.