There’s a “Wow!” effect on display in the model penthouse suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Residences — and its presence is no accident.

Michael Kaye, director of projects and design at Skyline Developments, says the goal of designing the flagship suite at the Cosmopolitan, located just south of Yonge and King streets downtown, was to create a first impression that grabs hold of the imagination.

“What we wanted to do was create a suite that was very inviting to celebrities and people who really appreciate decor — the first thing you’ll hear from anyone who walks in is ‘Wow!’ It’s a really grand effect,” Kaye said.

The 1,450-square-foot, $1.8 million model suite is certainly suited to the celebrity lifestyle with 20-foot ceilings, an impressive mirrored staircase, a lower-level balcony and 450-square-foot patio on the upper level and hardwood floors throughout. With a spa and wine bar restaurant built into the building, Cosmopolitan definitely aims for the hotel-living feel.

Adding to the celebrity motif, the suite was decked out with the help of HGTV Designer Guys Allen Chan, Anwar Mukhayesh and Matt Davis and was featured in an episode of the television show.

The decor throughout is hyper-modern and chic, with custom furniture that features plenty of neutral white and silver tones to maximize the effect of the natural light streaming in through the soaring floor-to-ceiling windows.

Lighting throughout the suite has been augmented with an LED option so that with the turn of a knob the space can change colour to suite your mood.

In the master bedroom, pine and soft materials like silk combine to create a space that feels inviting and uncluttered, especially with the skylight in the ceiling.

Best of all, the suite — like all suites at the Cosmopolitan — comes fully furnished to the buyer.

The tall, narrow building features only five suites per floor and prices that, except for the penthouse model, start at $219,000 and max out at $375,000 making the development a surprisingly thrifty buy, especially fully furnished.

The lowdown
Cosmopolitan Hotel and Residences. Address: 8 Colborne St. Builder: Skyline Developments. Website: Availability: Now. Prices and sizes: Fully furnished suites average 500 square feet and are priced from $219,000 to $375,000

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