Jose Canseco, L, says he will support Caitlyn Jenner by living as a woman for a weReuters

That's not how any of this works, Jose Canseco!

That's the message from Trans America and social media after the former baseball slugger said he wants to understand what Caitlyn Jenner has experienced and support her.

Oh yeah, did we mention the spotlight-seeking Canseco is planning to include his week as a woman in his new Internet reality show called "Spend a Day with Jose."



Canseco, 51, said he was "against it" when Jenner announced here transition.

“In the very beginning, I didn’t understand it, so I was kind of like, against it,” he told The Daily News' Christian Red.

“Once I watched it more and more, and realized what it really entailed, what he was going through, I started supporting him.”

Uh. It's "she," Jose. "Her."

Jenner has remained mum on Canseco's plan. Social media has not.

Nadia Dajani tweeted: "Jose Canseco is gonna live as a woman for a week. When that's over he should try living as a man."

Carlos Maza implored: "Please don't do this. It's insulting."

The disgraced former MLB batter has confessed to years of steroid use that he says has made him sterile.

He won't be taking any hormones during his time as, Jose-fina, as Metro has dubbed him.

John A. Oswald is editor-at-large at Metro and can be found on Twitter@nyc_oz.
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