A Toronto woman who claims her only links to gang life are baking cupcakes and giving a baby a teddy bear, says she is innocent and wants to return to Canada.

Carla Campana, who had been in Canada since she was five months old, was deported to Chile last month. The 24-year-old landed immigrant was never criminally charged.

“I did nothing wrong. So I feel it was unfair for me to be deported,” Campana said in an interview from Vina del Mar, about 140 kilometres northwest of Santiago.

“I hope Canada sees that they sent an innocent young woman to a country that’s basically not mine anymore. Canada is my country,” she said.

In July, an Immigration and Refugee Board adjudicator found Campana was a member of a criminal organization — the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation gang. A deportation order was issued.

A judge ruled that the woman would not suffer any irreparable harm if she was deported, but left the door open for her to return to Canada upon judicial review.

“They're accusing me of being part of a Spanish group gang,” she said.

“I didn't know it was a gang. I thought it was an organization to help Latino people grow stronger.”

Her lawyer, Jeffry House, has said Campana was a “probationary” member and left after being told her role was to “sexually service” the men in the group. The case is ongoing in Federal Court, and House has said he hopes to take it to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

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