Chloe actress Natalie Lisinska stars in InSecurity, a 13-part comedy series about the Canadian secret service set in Ottawa. The series premieres Jan. 4.

You play secret agent Alex Cranston. How do you know when you are right for the role?

I had an instinctual understanding of the way the comedy should be told and the rhythm of the lines. I felt I was the one person who should do it. It’s a rare opportunity, where the writer writes with you in mind.

The show is set in Ottawa, but it wasn’t filmed here?

They have the most beautiful, sweeping helicopter shots of Ottawa. It’s gorgeous. But we filmed in Regina. It’s incredible how much Regina stands in as Ottawa.

How do you feel about the capital?

I love Ottawa. In 2005, I was shooting in the Chateau Laurier ... I got to see parts of the hotel that people don’t normally get to see. I fell in love with Ottawa during that trip. tracey tong