Vancouver’s Mayor Sam Sullivan said he’s initiated countless policies, programs and initiatives in the three years he’s been mayor, and now wants to be around to see them come to fruition.

Sullivan spent 12 years on council before being elected mayor in 2005, a term that could come to an end if NPA Coun. Peter Ladner wins the party nomination on Sunday.

“I have initiated so many investments,” Sullivan said yesterday. “I represented the city in Torino, I accepted the (Olympic) flag and I’d like to be the person to give it away.”


Sullivan said there’s a number of projects for which he’s worked especially hard, including Project Civil City, which aims to reduce crime and homelessness, and CAST, a proposed research trial targeting people with chronic addictions.

He introduced EcoDensity to reduce the city’s impact on the environment and increase housing affordability, and has lobbied for funding for a rapid transit line to the University of B.C. and 12 new social housing sites.

“I’d like to be around when we actually start to see these results, not just putting all the hard work into getting … the projects in place.”

“You can’t really turn the city in three years.”

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