Wife of attack victim wants culprit labelled dangerous

The wife of an apartment caretaker who was beaten into a near-vegetative state says she’s already won a major battle after his attacker was found guilty, but the war to seek justice for her husband will still continue on.

Leslie Miller says she was elated and overjoyed after a judge ruled Friday that Leo Teskey was guilty in violently assaulting her husband eight years ago. But the focus is now on making sure he is given a dangerous offender designation, she says.


"While I won the first battle, I haven’t won the war yet," she told Metro yesterday.

Teskey was first convicted of the attack on Dougald Miller back in February 2002, but a Supreme Court of Canada ruling struck it down and ordered a new trial, citing that the judge took too long to deliver his written verdict.

The decision also terminated Teskey’s original dangerous offender status that had carried an indefinite jail sentence.

"We’ll just continue fighting, and take each day as it comes, that’s all I can do," Miller said.

"I won’t give up ever. That’s not how I’m made and I will keep on fighting until he’s behind bars for life."

After the guilty verdict Friday, Teskey was ordered to be sent to the Alberta Hospital for a psychiatric assessment before he’s back in court April 7.


life after the attack

  • Miller’s husband, Dougald, who is now 67, is still unable to walk, speak or feed himself as a result of Teskey’s attack.

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