Mike McCourt: Four (polls) have now shown you to be out of sight and out of mind, Mr. Hawkesworth, in the view of the Calgary elections, so the question really is, what went wrong?

Bob Hawkesworth: Well, I’m not sure if what went wrong was about Bob Hawkesworth. I think really it’s about the future of Calgary and the right priorities for Calgary. I came into this race to present a clear choice, a different choice for Calgarians.


At the time ... it was the right thing to do because nobody was stepping up and coming into the race. Since then others have stepped forward and have done a better job at providing a better alternative to Mr. McIver.

MM: Are you conceding, Mr. Hawkesworth, that you don’t have a chance?

BH: I think that one has to in this life, political life, understand that trends are trends. I can read the polls as well as anyone else. Short of a miracle, I’m not going to be the next mayor of Calgary, I think that’s fair to say.

MM: There have been sugges­tions that you might abandon the race and toss your support to another candidate. Is there any validity to that thesis?

BH: That is one of the options, of course. There is a lot at stake for the future, this is all about Calgary ... Who has the leadership that can get us where we need to be and want to be? And so I have a number of options.

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