Mike McCourt: I assume that in the circumstances — the trends being revealed by the polls — you at the very least with your staff are conducting a very difficult analysis of where you are at or not at. And I assume a painful decision is at hand for you.

Everyone likes to talk about what my numbers are. I would like to talk a bit about the undecided out there. I’ve seen 40, I’ve seen 50, I’ve seen 60 per cent, and I believe that’s because media ... keep presenting the big three that are out there and, as the song goes, they still haven't found what they're looking for, Calgarians. I’m not throwing in the towel by any means. That would be premature.

You talk about the billion dollars you delivered for your ward; that was in the midst of a recession. Delivering a million bucks means you’re spending a million bucks. Did you overreach a bit, Mr. Connelly, in the economic circumstance that reached this city in that uncertain time?

Absolutely not, Mike. I’ve got a background in finance. I’ve got a bachelor’s of commerce from the University of Calgary. This money was available.

That’s what they said about the bridge: “The money's there, so let's go and piddle it away.”

The reality is, Mike, that I am the one that uncovered the bridge. And I am the one who took it to the media — and the guy that took it to my peers. I’m the guy who took it to the province to try and kill the bridge. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the support to do that, but what Calgarians need to know is that I'm the guy that uncovered that.