Mike McCourt: I’m seeing some purple T-shirts around town; your website talks about the purple revolution. Is that just a catchphrase or is there some subliminal purple message in all of this?

Naheed Nenshi: The only subliminal purple message is that everyone else was using blue, red and white. We needed a new colour. You know, it’s worked out brilliantly.

MM: There ya go. OK, let’s get to the airport tunnel. You are in favour of building it … You say that if the CEO of the airport authority doesn’t become a part of the solution, that you would go to the board on the assumption it would act on this issue.

NN: But you know something, every other airport authority in this country had a board that represents the majority of people appointed by the city council.


Ours does not. Our board is majority appointed by the Chamber of Commerce in this city to represent the best interest of Calgarians, and I’m sure that Mr. Atkinson also wants to represent the best interest of Calgarians, and will come to the light on this one.

MM: You are avoiding to some dexterity the question here …

NN: I’m learning to be a politician.

MM: ... which is, is this a call to mutiny against Mr. Atkinson if he does not want to be, as you quote on your website, “a part of the solution”?

NN: At the end of the day, the airport management reports to the airport authority board. The board represents the best interests of the citizens of Calgary and they’ve got to act in those best interests. And I know that they will.

MM – You are not yet mayor, you are a candidate, and as such you’ve gotten into the same sort of contretemps with the police chief. About this …

NN: He did call to apologize.

MM: There was a shoving match, though. You are a candidate, not yet a mayor and therefore not vested with the authority, so it is said by some of your critics to make those types of comments as a candidate ...

NN: Look, Mike, I’m running this campaign the way that I will govern and part of governing is asking tough questions.