Noel Gallagher used to be a soccer hooligan, according to

The Oasis guitarist confessed his lifestyle used to be even more turbulent before he became a rock star when he went to Manchester City games with notoriously dangerous gangs including Mayne Line Crew, Under-5s and Young Guvnors.

He said: “I knew all that lot and I still see a few of them today. They were quite mad times. Half of us were on the dole.

“The grounds we used to go to 20 years ago were dangerous, especially night games at Leeds and places like that, and wondering whether or not you’d make it home in one piece.”

Noel also revealed how his love for sport inspired his music career when he united the crowd in song at the Kippax stand at his team’s old ground Maine Road.

The 41-year-old rocker, who played live at the famous stadium at the peak of Oasis’ ’90s popularity, added to Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “I did start a song in the Kippax when I’d had a drink. Probably something like, Everywhere We Go or similar and everyone joined in.

“So maybe the first seeds of my songwriting career were sown at the back of the Kippax.”

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