McMynn’s fiancee recalls the day he was abducted

Graham McMynn’s fiancée still remembers the licence plate number of the car that he was abducted in nearly two years ago: "032 GBS."



Jacklin Tran, testifying in B.C. Supreme Court yesterday, said she was in the passenger seat of McMynn’s car on April 4, 2006, when a silver car and a maroon car boxed them in.


The passenger in the silver car demanded Tran’s cellphone at gunpoint and the driver forced McMynn into their car before speeding off.

"I was left crying and screaming," she said. "I was trying to repeat the licence plate number over and over again because I didn’t want to forget."

Tran flagged down Janice Ketcham, a passing motorist, but was so distraught that Ketcham initially did not let her in.

"She was hysterical and crying," said Ketcham, who also testified yesterday. "She said that her boyfriend had just been kidnapped at gunpoint and that they had taken her cellphone so she couldn’t call police."

Ketcham called 9-1-1 and flagged down two city workers for additional witnesses. Tran said the man who took her cellphone looked either Latino or Mexican; the city workers said both men in the silver car looked Asian.